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Successful Business People – Born or Made?

by Bill on 04/04/2013

The desire to be the best is often a mantra for business owners, as well as companies, large and small. I saw an article recently that brought up the notion of whether people are “born” to be successful, and found it intriguing – and reassuring – that most successful people make their own success.

Robert Greene authored the book Mastery after studying how exceptionally successful people reached their pinnacle. In the end, he found that the common denominator to each individual’s success was their “unyielding focus and work ethic.”

I’ve written about this concept before, where small business owners are somewhat of a breed of their own, only for this simple reason: they have the passion for creating something – and they go for it with full force. Not everyone is cut out to be a successful business owner, but everyone has something they are passionate about, whether it is a cause, something that will help make the world a better place, or simply the passion for improving the way you live your own life, through education, physical fitness, or relationships fostered with others.

So, the question of the day is: what is your passion? What makes you jump out of bed every morning and work tirelessly into the evening hours? Once you have this answer, it’ll be easy to put everything into it, and it becomes a natural extension of yourself.  

Our passion is helping small business owners build their dreams. We help businesses obtain the small business loans they need to fund their passion. Let us know how we can help. Call any time, toll free at 855-SBA-4-BIZ (855-722-4249) or email me directly at

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Bill Clanton is Founder and President of Small Business Funding Group and His 15 years’ executive level positions in banking and finance helps business owners navigate the complex small business lending environment. He lives and works in Denver.


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