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CliIntel Rallies Around Its Employees to Give Back

by Bill on 12/12/2012

When company employees get the word out about causes that are important to them, the results can be contagious. That’s what it’s like working at CliIntel in Denver. CliIntel is known for helping companies improve revenue generating operations through business intelligence methodologies. Although some might say they are the rocket scientists of their industry, delving deep into the intricacies of configurable hierarchies and disparate data sets, they always have the time and energy to give back.

CliIntel’s employees recently rallied around one of their own, Process Analyst Melissa Yurash, who was working to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Denver.

“We have the ability to give children a second chance,” explained Yurash, “and so much of it is just getting the word out to people you know.”

Yurash has been supporting St. Jude Hospital for years, beginning with her sorority’s philanthropy at the University of Denver. The 5K walk event was held simultaneously across twenty cities in the U.S. to support St. Jude’s, and was the first annual in Denver, giving Yurash an even greater reason to drum up support.

In support of their fellow employee, the company got in the spirit of giving and created a “friendly” bidding war in an effort to get everyone involved. In order to keep it interesting, the top donator would choose a CliIntel executive to run in the race. Mark Radtke, the company’s VP of Service Delivery, raised the most in the company and nominated CEO Richard Batenburg and COO David R. Meyer to participate in the race.

“Melissa got the ball rolling by bringing the St. Jude race to our attention, and it snowballed after that,” Meyer commented. “When an employee decides that a cause is important to them, it becomes important to us as well.”

The St. Jude’s Hospital race in Denver this year was aiming to reach a goal of $40K and they exceeded their goal by $2K. CliIntel’s donations helped Melissa come in as the 4th highest individual fund raiser, and her team’s fundraising efforts, which combined CliIntel’s donations and those from TriDelta alumnae, made them the second highest team fund raiser at nearly $4K.

“Company morale is affected in such a positive way when we come together to support organizations and causes that are important to us,” said Yurash. “There’s no pressure, and you don’t have to make a monetary donation. You can show your support with your time, or just by helping promote it to others.”

CliIntel is also involved in the Children’s Burn Camp every year. The company’s CEO, Richard Batenburg was invited to attend the event one year and was moved to make a difference by attending yearly. They are also involved in the Cancer League of Colorado’s ‘Over the Edge’ program which was brought to the company’s attention through Paul Ousterhout, Chief Technology Officer for CliIntel. In addition, they are involved in many other smaller outreach programs, all directly tied to a company employee.

When asked how companies should look at becoming more involved in their communities, Meyer responded, “It really has to be part of the company’s culture. You have to decide where you want to place your efforts – whether with a large national charity, or a smaller organization that has local impact. The employees’ passion will drive the direction.”   


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